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STANDARD DATA: Seats 6. Gross wt. 3,725. Empty wt. 2,350. Engine 220-hp Wright Whirlwind.
PERFORMANCE: Top mph 126. Cruise mph 108. Landing mph 53. Initial climb rate 750. Range 678. Ceiling 15,000.

Travel Air Manufacturing Co., of which Walter H. Beech was an officer, introduced the Travel Air 6000 in 1928. It was a six-seat commercial-cabin monoplane and a more recent development of the Travel Air 5000. The airplane housed either a 220-hp Wright Whirlwind, a 300-hp Whirlwind, or a 410-hp Pratt & Whitney. The 220-hp Whirlwind was the original powerplant. When Travel Air merged with the Curtiss-Robertson Division of Curtiss-Wright, the aircraft’s designation was changed to Travel Air Model 6. Construction was mixed: fabric-covered wooden wings and a welded steel-tube fuselage covered by fabric. The wings utilized box spars with spruce flanges, plywood sides, and built-up Warren- truss-type ribs.


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