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General Aviation Modifications

Modifications for general aviation allow you to increase your plane's speed and trim weight, and make other changes to truly personalize your flying experience. Customize your aircraft with the professional modifications from Plane & Pilot and Pilot Journal Magazines.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Straight Talk From Superior Air Parts

The industry’s largest producer of aftermarket cylinders and parts sets its sights on the certified engine business

Straight Talk From Superior Air PartsSuperior Air Parts, Inc. (www.superiorairparts.com), knows the value of getting the “little things” right because that’s what its business was founded on. In 1967, it manufactured little piston-engine replacement parts, like valve guides, gaskets and piston rings for the USAF. It wasn’t long after, when the opportunity to provide these parts to the general-aviation (GA) market appeared, that it moved into the commercial sector.
Friday, April 1, 2005

Straight Talk From Lycoming

The largest piston-engine maker to introduce diesel & other designs

Straight Talk From Lycoming In a long-awaited move, Lycoming general manager Ian Walsh said that his company will be introducing a new diesel engine. While the company hasn’t released details of the new engine, Walsh did say that it would be dramatically more efficient than today’s gasoline-powered engines and would solve other problems, including the use of lead in aviation fuel. The diesel, when introduced, would run on standard jet fuel.
Wednesday, November 30, -0001

Our 10 Favorite Cirrus SR22S

Airplanes that stand out from the crowd and make us take notice

Our 10 Favorite Cirrus SR22SIt’s fair to say that Cirrus changed general aviation in a way that hasn’t been seen since the halcyon days following World War II, when it seemed everybody built airplanes.