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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A New Lease On Flying

Retrofit avionics can add a lot of capability for not a lot of money




Honeywell makes Bendix/King products, as well as the AV8OR line of portable navigators. The Bendix/King line covers nearly all aspects of the aviation market including audio equipment, autopilots, navigation and flight instruments. • AV8OR navigators
• Apex Edge PFD & MFD • KMD MFDs
• IHAS (Integrated Hazard Avoidance System) • Terrain avoidance systems
• ART digital weather radar
Insight Avionics
Insight Avionics Corporation manufactures retrofit graphical engine analyzers for aftermarket use. • G3 engine monitor • Gem engine
monitors • Gyro 4000 gyro system
• TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source
• True Flow 500 fuel flow computers
• Strike Finder lightning detection
JP Instruments
JP Instruments makes aircraft engine data management systems. The company manufactures a full line of aircraft instrumentation with emphasis on engine and performance management. • EDM-700 and EDM-800 engine data systems • EDM-930 and EDM-960 engine management displays • FS-450 Fuel Flow analyzer • Slimline engine gauges • Classic Scanner
L-3 Avionics
L-3 makes a variety of retrofit avionics displays. The innovative IRIS infrared-camera system, Skywatch collision avoidance system and well-known StormScope lightning-detection system are just a few of the company’s wide range of high-tech aftermarket products. • IRIS infrared camera
• SkyWatch collision avoidance system • StormScope lightningdetection system • SmartDeck MFD and PFD • Trilogy Electronic Standby Instrument • EHSI-400 Electronic HSI
• AIM and J.E.T standby gyros
Mid-Continent Instruments
For more than 45 years, Mid-Continent Instruments has offered overhaul/exchange, repair, design and manufacturing of aircraft instruments and avionics. Mid-Continent also manufactures aircraft instruments of all kinds and key components for major aircraft companies. • Primary flight instruments
• Annunciators
• Autopilot components
• Com radios
• Antennas
• Transponders
Narco Avionics
Narco is known mainly for their com and nav radios, transponders and encoders. Narco has been original equipment in countless manufacturers’ airplanes. • XCOM VHF760 • MK-12D nav/com systems • NAV-122 with GPS
• AT-165 replacement digital transponders • AR-850 encoder
• Replacement radios
PS Engineering
PS Engineering is proud to state that their only mission is “audio control.” Their core products include audio selector panels, intercoms and entertainment systems. • PMA 4000-PMA 8000 audio panels
• PM-501
• PM-1000-PM-3000 intercoms
Sandia Aerospace
Sandia Aerospace features a line of altitude encoders, air data computers, and avionics cooling fans. Their newest product is the STX-165 transponder. • SAC 7-35 air data computer
• SAE 5-35 altitude encoder
• MARC 70 switching module
• STX 165 transponder • ADS-B
Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics has a large line of products that encompasses electronic and mechanical solutions for the aviation industry. Ultra manufactures everything from airframe ice protection systems to UAVs. Product list is too vast to detail, but includes aircraft test equipment and various electronics.
WxWorx is an innovator in the field of mobile weather analysis. WxWorx was chosen by XM Satellite Weather as their data provider. • WxWorx on Wings software
• XM WX receiver
NavWorx specializes in advanced-technology avionics products. Their flagship product is the PADS600 portable ADS-B receiver that displays TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather. • ADS600-B information system
• PADS600 portable ADS-B receiver


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