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Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Need For Speed!

The narcotic that pilots will pay almost anything for

Go ahead, admit it. When you read all of those pilot reports, you skim them, looking for the cruise speed, then go back and read the rest. It’s a natural thing. We all love the idea of going fast. But how fast is fast? And is there such a thing as fast enough? " />

So, What’s Fast Enough?
The concept of “fast enough” is strictly subject to personal definition. For some, there is no such thing. For others, flying is its own reward, and the longer it takes to arrive, the happier they are. For most, however, the decision involves the irritating interplay between wants, needs and financial capabilities: We always want speed, but do we really need it and can we afford it? Okay, so maybe we don’t really need to go that fast, but did you ever notice how much better you feel when the GPS is giving you a ridiculously high groundspeed? So, maybe speed is just what the doctor ordered: Increase your quality of life by going faster. How’s that for rationalizing?


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