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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Adam A500

Customer deliveries have begun!

Leahy is also the developer of Active Release Techniques, a system of chiropractic procedures embraced by more than 100 chiropractors across the United States and Canada. The Colorado Springs doctor has applied his techniques to sports stars such as Denver Bronco team members and a variety of other prominent athletes.

He purchased his Adam A500 specifically to service his growing medical seminar business. Leahy instructs doctors and therapists all over North America in techniques for treating long tract nerve release, ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, shin splints, tennis elbow and a wide variety of other soft tissue disorders.

"By definition, my practice requires an inordinate amount of travel to all four corners of the continent," Leahy explains. "I'm on the road to probably three seminars a month, and that can be a challenge."

Up to now, Leahy has satisfied his heavy travel schedule by relying on airlines, but that has become progressively less convenient, less comfortable and more expensive as service has declined, flights have been reduced and destinations have been curtailed.

"Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to live," says Leahy. "The bad news is, I usually must connect through Denver and possibly make another connection to reach my destination. Even at 450-knot airline speeds, some 1,500 nm trips can require an entire day, door-to-door."

For that reason, Leahy needed a corporate transport capable of leaping modest distances in a single bound. The Adam A500 is that airplane. "It's a big airplane, both inside and out—54 inches across, the same width as a King Air—so it's easy to move around inside," says Leahy. "With the full 230 gallons aboard, I'll have an easy 900 nm range. Better still, I'll be able to access some 10,000 airports across North America on my schedule rather than have to operate to only 800 airports served by the airlines on their schedule.

"The airplane can cruise at 230 knots if I need that much speed, and I can fly with three passengers across half of the U.S.A. between breakfast and lunch. If I download fuel to 170 gallons, I can fill all the seats and still range out 700 nm. Perhaps best of all, the A500 will never leave without me, and everyone who travels on my airplane will always have a first-class seat."

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