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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dreams Of Ownership Fullfilled!

An exhilarating morning flight with a first-time owner in a factory-new airplane

It’s interesting that an airplane like the Super D can not only deliver good aerobatic performance, but provide a solid cross-country platform, too. Traditionally, aerobatic airplanes are lousy machines for long trips, but the Super D is a pleasantly fast, comfortable airplane for long flights. “For my trips, it’s perfect.” says Kole. “It’s fast enough.” With a faster cruise than a Cessna 172 and great visibility all around, it makes a good medium-haul partner.

Back in the cockpit, with George Harrison’s voice coaxing us into an easy silence and the world’s problems far below us, we followed the shoreline home while I played some more with the airplane. Coming into Santa Monica, Kole slipped hard and steep to lose 4,500 feet in about a mile. It was another “Whoopee!” moment. The orange airplane settled onto the runway with all eyes on it, reminding everyone that it’s about as fun an airplane as there ever was.

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