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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Cirrus SR22-G2

The Klapmeiers’ vision enters the second generation

cirrusFor those of you who haven’t heard, Cessna was just recently dethroned as one of the top-selling general-aviation companies in the world. For the first two quarters of this year, the total number of Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes was bested by Cirrus Design’s combination of SR20 as well as SR22 sales. In fact, the vast majority of Cirrus’ sales came from its showpiece, the new SR22-G2.
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In a similar sense, propeller design and mating to the airframe has a major impact on performance and smoothness. On the second-generation SR22, Cirrus utilizes a semi-scimitar—called Scimitar Select—three-blade prop that provides maximum airflow at the roots for better engine cooling and improved design at the tips for reduced noise and drag.

Proper cowling design is critical to minimize drag and flow a large volume of air through the engine enclosure for cooling. The G2’s cowling has been reengineered to refine the shape and reduce the size of the exhaust contours. While they were at it, Cirrus reconfigured the lower cowling to two pieces, redesigning it for easier removal and replacement and better access to the bottom of the engine.

Cirrus’ engineers also improved service access to the inboard wing spar-to-fuselage join area, the empennage as well as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). The intent was to make the Cirrus SR22-G2 a more convenient airplane rather than try to enhance the Cirrus SR22’s already good performance.

Throw in the magnificently upgraded interior, and the new SR22-G2 offers an attractive, comfortable, high-tech package of talents capable of transporting four folks across far horizons at good speed. The 81-gallon fuel tanks allow pilots to reach out and touch a destination nearly 750 nm away, provided that they’re willing to sit in the seat for 4.5 hours.

There is a price to be paid for all this innovation and talent. Specifically, as the top of the Cirrus line, the G2 sells for a base $334,700. As a head-to-head competitor with the Lancair Columbia 350 and Mooney Ovation2 DX, the Cirrus SR22-G2 combines the best of the new technology with performance and comfort that any pilot can appreciate.

For more information about the Cirrus SR22-G2, contact Cirrus Design Corporation at (218) 727-2737 or log on to

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