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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Diamond DA40 XL: Polishing The Diamond Star

The new Diamond DA40 XL incorporates new aerodynamics, an improved, composite prop and an advanced exhaust system to increase the knot count

Diamond DA40 XLAsk anyone who’s tried to wring more speed from an existing aircraft design, and you’ll learn that the task is very difficult. Hot-rodders have long been adding speed on cars and motorcycles by installing progressively more powerful engines, and that works great for machines that roll on wheels. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as effective on airplanes." />

NEW From Diamond
Diamond Aircraft has introduced two new versions of its successful DA40 Diamond Star: The DA40 XLS, the top-of-the-line, loaded model with a new Platinum Interior, and the DA40 CS, a four-place, constant speed version, which can be custom tailored to best meet a customer’s personal requirements and budget.

The DA40 XLS retains all the advantages of the DA40 XL—great visibility, fuel efficiency and pilot-friendly handling characteristics—and now offers more room under a wider, higher canopy. Its Platinum leather interior features a long list of XLS exclusives, including a choice of leather colors, aluminum-framed genuine wood inlay accents, engraved and brushed aluminum trim, carbon-fiber sill plates and a distinctive metallic striping package. The WAAS-enabled Garmin G1000 glass cockpit features Garmin FlightCharts and SafeTaxi and other enhanced software functionality, including an ability to fly autopilot coupled procedure turns and hold entries, and to program Victor Airways into flight plans.

Additional Garmin functionality includes a full-screen engine monitoring page and wind vectors on the PFD. The DA40 XLS also comes standard with such safety-enhancing features as traffic (TIS), satellite weather (U.S. only), TAWS-B and a 406 MHz ELT. Additionally, you can upgrade the DA40 XLS with optional active traffic, ChartView, geosynchronized approach plates by Jeppesen and Diamond’s Premium Care program.

The DA40 CS shares all the strengths of the DA40 XLS, including standard Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, and it also enables customers to configure the airplane to their needs, starting at a competitive base price of $259,950. Customers can choose the attractive, durable fabric interior or upgrade to luxurious leather. Those looking for comfortable cross-country cruising can add the Garmin GFC 700 digital autopilot, extended luggage compartment, performance landing gear and extended range tanks. All these options make the DA40 CS a great choice for individual owners, particularly first-time owners, as well as for flight schools looking to add modern appeal and technology to their flight line. For more on Diamond’s newest offerings, visit

2007 Diamond Star DA40 XL

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