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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Micco SP26A: Capable Aerobat

This is that rare machine: a fun gentleman’s aerobat capable of cross-country travel or a Saturday-afternoon hamburger flight

Still, if you're flying alone, full tanks at high cruise provide about 5.5 hours of endurance plus reserve, more than most people's bladder limit. Even at a 150-knot block speed, you can plan on traversing 800 to 850 nm cross-country.

Service ceiling is 14,000 feet, by the way, so the airplane should have reasonable climb performance at August-in-Albuquerque density altitudes.

In landing configuration, a full 30 degrees of flaps reduces stall to 49 knots, and the airplane flies comfortable approaches at 80 or even 70 knots. The best news is that landings are just a little tougher than in a nosedragger. Whether you choose three-point or wheel arrivals, the Micco settles down with little fuss and doesn't upset easily in crosswinds. It's an eminently manageable machine, designed for pilots with or without tailwheel chops.

Inevitably, you have to ask what competes with the Micco. As this is written, there's not much. The only other current aerobatically certified two-seaters that come to mind are the American Champion Super Decathlon, Pitts S2C and Extra 300, but the Decathlon is in a different speed class, and the latter two are heavily dedicated aerobatic machines.

At a base price of $329,000, and more like $360,000 for a modestly equipped airplane, the Micco is pretty much alone in its market. The LoPresti Fury may be only a heartbeat away from starting production in New Mexico, and when that comes to pass, it'll be strong competition for the Micco. It's in the same configuration—a sporty, two-seat, aerobatic taildragger with a 260 hp Lycoming out front.

Of course, as we mentioned last month, there's one other two-seat, 260 hp sportplane available on the market, sort of. It's the Italian Marchetti SF.260, and if you can afford $900,000 and are willing to wait long enough, Aermacchi will build you one on special order. To learn more about the Micco SP26A, visit

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