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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Game Changer

Why air-show star Rob Holland is expecting big things from the new MX Aircraft MXS-RH

Is It For Everyone?

With all of this capability, I had to ask Holland about this aircraft in the hands of your average aerobatic pilot who may have time flying a Decathlon or the like and wants to go to the next level—is this too much airplane? “That seems to be the biggest misconception about the MX,” answers Holland. “While I have my elevator overbalanced for a very sensitive feel, that’s not the way they come from the factory. The aircraft is tunable, and could be set up for anyone who has a modest amount of tailwheel time. Anyone getting into the sport of aerobatic competitions could fly the Sportsman category all the way through the highest level of Unlimited, all in the same plane…imagine how good one would get in the aircraft.”

The streamlined quality of the MXS-RH canopy is evident in this comparison (left), molded from the Red Bull racing version with more glass added behind and on top for better over-the-shoulder visibility. Rob Holland (right, kneeling) poses with his team, Mike Ganor and Tommy Freeman.

Watching Holland fly his new airplane during our air-to-air photo flight, I could tell the MXS-RH has exciting potential. One tumble he executed was nose-to-tail inside, something I’ve never seen before. And he hasn’t even broken in the engine yet! “After I return from the Unlimited World competition, I’m going to exploit the new capabilities of this plane for my air-show routine,” Holland grins. “Next year is going to be very exciting!”

So, game changer? Hard to say at this point, as the MXS-RH has only been flying for a short time. However, how can the lightest, fastest and most maneuverable production aerobatic aircraft not be? I can’t wait to see for myself!

Base price:



380 hp Lycoming IO-540

Fuel capacity (gals.): 58

Fuel capacity, optional long range (gals.):


Length (ft.):


Wingspan (ft.):


Height (ft.):


Empty weight (lbs.):


Acro weight (lbs.): 1525
Gross weight (lbs.): 1840

Vne (kts.):

299 mph

Vs (kts.): 55 mph
Max speed level flight: 250 mph

Max cruise speed:

207 mph

G loading: +14/-14
Roll rate: 495 degrees per second
Vertical penetration (ft.): 3,500
Range: 750 nm


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