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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

High-Class Cruiser

Metal/composite construction, gorgeous lines, top-o’-the-line luxury—splendid!

First Jaunt
Okay, let’s climb aboard. Hmmm…nice big elliptical windows. Tinted, too. A bit of a wicked look. Great views out, down and sideways. Spacious front-hinged doors open wide for easy climb-in. Leather seats are very comfy, unlike some LSA. Wall-to-wall carpeting; map and storage pockets; roomy luggage area behind the seats.

Tommy climbs in. Plenty of room for both of us with a 46.8-inch-wide cabin. The armrests are nice. The stylish gray/charcoal metal panel exudes Euro industrial techno. Tons of avionics and EFIS!

“Oh, Carlton: the Times, my pipe and slippers, please...there’s a good man.”

Tommy guides me through start-up of the Rotax 912 ULS2. The two-blade GT prop spins to life. Seat belts tight? Let’s go!

Cleared by the tower, we taxi across the asphalt. Up ahead, I expect a jolt from a sharp asphalt lip...but we roll right over it, smooth as butter.

“Soft gear,” I say, enjoying the limo-smooth ride.

“The mains are tubular steel,” says Tommy, toggling in 10 degrees of takeoff flaps.

I gun the Rotax, and we roll down runway 14.

“What do I want to lift off at?” I ask—at the very moment the airplane floats off, just above 50 KIAS.

“About right there!” he jokes.

“Gee, that was hard.”

The air show pattern requires a sharp right turn immediately after liftoff. I roll the stick over. The P2008 responds smoothly, with firm but not heavy stick force. Piece of cake: I feel like I know this airplane.

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