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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

High-Class Cruiser

Metal/composite construction, gorgeous lines, top-o’-the-line luxury—splendid!

“Rest of the flaps coming in...”

The Tecnam feels so sure in my hands. Tower calls an eight-knot wind 10 degrees off our nose, but I can’t even feel it. Now ease back for the flare, and it settles firmly on the mains.

“Nice job,” Tommy says.

“Thanks! Nice airplane!”

Jaw Drop #3
Tecnam North America CEO Phil Solomon gave me my third agape moment when I asked about the sticker price: “We’re pricing it just below $170,000.”

“Oh, Carlton! Call my broker and sell the Toyota stock.”

“That’s a flyaway price, of course,” he added.

“It’s our preferred package: All the equipment an owner could ever possibly need, including twin glass displays, autopilot with altitude hold, satellite XM weather, backup GPS and more.”

VP of Marketing Ben Young updates the numbers as we go to press: “We’re offering three prices for the P2008, starting with the Day/Night Tourer package at $155,000. We’ll also customize just about any way the customer wants. This airplane appeals to pilots looking for something luxurious and comfortable. Our first customer, who takes delivery mid-June, has a Cessna 182. He bought the P2008 because it’s a more cost-effective way to fly the way he likes to fly.”

The airplane offers the luxury market a top-of-range ultimate LSA that rounds out Tecnam’s already deep and diverse line of LSA—and carries the company closer to Solomon’s stated goal of being light-sport’s numero-uno 2014. The P2008 is surely a bold—and surpassingly beautiful—step in that direction.

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