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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Zenith Of LSAs

Zenith Aircraft of Mexico, Mo., builds durable, all-metal, light-sport aircraft with an emphasis on fun

zenithIn some respects, Steve Smith is exactly the kind of pilot for whom LSAs were designed. Smith is a 53-year-old entrepreneur in Santa Rosa, Calif., who owns a software company and only began flying a little over a year ago.
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With some 180 hours in his logbook, nearly all of it in his Zodiac 601 XL, Steve Smith has become something of a modern-day barnstormer. “I’ve been to the Copperstate Fly-In in Casa Grande, Ariz., up to the Eugene Oregon Air Show in Colorado and to lots of local events.

“Some days, I’ll just take off in an arbitrary direction and fly, stopping at every airport I see just for the fun of it,” Smith laughs. “A while back, I landed at 12 airports in one day. It’s a great way to have fun and enjoy what I believe is one of the most talented LSAs in the sky.” For more information about the Zodiac CH 601 XL, contact Zenith Aircraft at or (573) 581-9000.


Engine make/model:Jabiru 3300
TBO hrs.:
Horsepower: 120
Gross weight (lbs.): 1320
Empty weight, std. (lbs.): 695
Useful load, std. (lbs.): 625
Usable fuel, std. (gals.):24
Payload, full std. fuel (lbs.):
Max cruise speed (kts.): 120
Best rate of climb, SL (fpm):
Takeoff distance (ft.): 500
Landing distance (ft.): 500
Source: Zenith Aircraft

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