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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

eSpyder LSA

eSpyder LSA
Price as flown: $39,900 (U.S. Experimental Amateur- Built Kit. Complete with motor, prop, charging unit, flight instruments and airframe parachute.)
Motor: Yuneec Power Drive 24 brushless
Motor Size (in., lbs.): 7.9 in diameter, 27.5
Battery: Yuneec OEM, Lithium, 13 kWh
Charger: Yuneec E-Charger, cell-balancing, 110/240 V
Charge Time (hrs.): 2-3
Power Controller (2 lbs.): Yuneec Power Block 24
Propeller: 65 in., 2-blade Yuneec carbon 170 carbon composite
Wing Span (ft.): 33.4
Length (ft.): 19.4
Height (ft.): 7.9
Empty Weight (Including Battery Packs, lbs.): 410
Max Takeoff Weight (lbs.): 620
Useful Load (lbs.): 210 (solo only)
Fuel Capacity (electric charge, hrs.): 1-1.5
Max Take-Off Weight (lbs.): 620
Max Cruise Speed (mph): 68
Economy Cruise Speed (mph): 38
Stall Speed (mph): 31
Rate Of Climb (fpm): 380
Glide Ratio: 8:1

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