One thought on “170-Knot SUV

  1. I had a 2001 turbo 206 and never saw a 170 KTs, average was 145/150 KTs at 18 gph, the worst thing about a 206 if you input any flaps, landing, takeoff or in a emergancy landing, you can’t open the clamshell door because the flaps when extended block it, leaving only the pilots door for six people to exit not to mention there’s intrigated headrest on the 3rd and forth seats making it impossible for any individuals to climb over and attempt to exit, also the pilots seat has to be full forward for anyone to be able to get out, I’m 6’4″ and when I’m in the left seat in flying position I can’t get out, I have to move the seat back to exit, if a pilot crash lands with flaps and in a panic exits the aircraft all four passengers are trapped. Cessna needs to step up and correct this problem, this is why I no longer own a 206.

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