One thought on “Capt. Dale “Snort” Snodgrass

  1. This is a request to Capt. Dale Snodgrass “Snort”,
    I was given a picture of a fly by of four war birds, a P51, F86, Phantom and an F16.
    The person that took the picture was Tom Ostermann. I have three of the pilots in
    the fly-by picture to autograph next to the plan they were flying. I was told by
    Mr. Tom Ostermann that he believed it was you flying the F86. I will be at the Fly In
    Sun N Fun this year at Lakeland Florida.. With the theme this year being Military I was
    wondering if you would be there flying one of the war birds. If so I would love to meet
    you and be able to get your autograph on my fly by picture. If you could, would you please give me a call or call Mr. Tom Ostermann and maybe we could get together. I want to thank you for your time concerning this little request. I hope to be seeing you soon. Thank you again, Tonya

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