3 thoughts on “Cessna’s All-New Stationair

  1. “with price tags from low to, well, still kind of low, at least by Part 23 standards”…..
    Seriously?? $150,000.00 is LOW?? No one in their right minds compares these European ultralights to REAL Part 23 CERTIFIED aircraft. And don’t come back with these rich retired boyz toy’s are “certified”…ATSM is no where near as stringent, or safe, or proven even as a real Part 23 aircraft. Cessna and Piper aircraft have and will always stand the real test–the test of time. Part 23 aircraft are still flying well into several decades, effortlessly standing up to the everyday tortures of students and loving care of private owners. Anyone with a brain would take a real Part 23 FAA Certified aircraft over these pitiful examples of aircraft….and good used Part 23 aircraft are tens of thousands of dollars less than these pathetic excuses for air transport. Wow, just wow. Already Robert Goyer is up to his normal routine of catering to the highest bidder(this time it looks like that hack Dan Johnson…no surprises there,lol, none at all…). This used to be a great magazine…not anymore with that dolt at the helm.

  2. I don’t wish to comment on the LSA safety and such but I need an explanation as to why and how the decision was made to cut the weight of “LSA” to not include the Cessna 150/152 or why this 1320 number came about. How could a couple hundred pounds or what ever reason throw a proven trainer under the bus to it seems some very light and fragile “new” aircraft designs. And I agree with Michael’s view on pricing of these aircraft. Nice to hear someone saying what most should be thinking about cost of aviating. Again, I’m not commenting on the peoples character.

  3. I’m actually sorry I did comment on said persons…but their reputations do indeed follow them wherever they end up unfortunately. Sorry if it offended anyone in any way, I just have too much respect for folks like Patty Wagstaff and other long time staff here…it hurts, it really does. Anyway. ….

    …As to why the weight was so limited, it was purely financial, nothing more, nothing less. There were tons of aircraft in Europe that were ripe to be imported here if said rules(which were crafted by businessmen, not folks who care one bit about aviation)went into effect. Fact: Tom Peghiny of Flightstar fame was one of the drafters of said rules, and he’s raking it in with his Flight Design aircraft…coincidence? Doubtful…

    I’m sure they also knew that only one engine would also be used as any other one would make just about any LSA craft too heavy to use. Rotax has also made millions here, and that was no mistake, it was planned form the get go.

    LSA isn’t, and never was, designed for the purpose of which well paid shills like Dan Johnson state: to reinvigorate aviation. Nope, it was always to make a few men very rich, period. We don’t , and never will, matter to them. Here’s to hoping it goes the way of Sport Pilot, into obscurity. Then maybe, just maybe, something more honest and real could emerge. We can hope, can’t we?
    If this sounds like I’m beating up on a few folks, well, I’m not the only one doing it. This is too good a magazine to be dragged into the muck, and I’m not happy with the choices being made. Freedom of speech, deal with it.

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