2 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It

  1. I am 63 ,i got my private license in 1978,i had about 100 hours ,i have a plastic license now and would like your help on flying again,i am in good health ..thanks

  2. Hey Robert – I sound a lot like you. I am 57 and got my license in 1978 and have about 110 hours. I hauled off an bought a Piper Warrior II with two friends and I am now current. My CFI was ready to sign me off after my second hour but I said that I was not ready. Honestly, it is not controlling the aircraft that is an issue for me. I am concerned about all of the regulatory changes and the fact that I am in Bravo airspace that is very busy. I have a lot to do to gain my confidence and skills in situational awareness. Good luck! Chris

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