8 thoughts on “Gyroplanes Buyer’s Guide 2015

  1. The Vortex M912 is actually a product of Sport Copter of Scappoose, Oregon and not Airgyro of Germany.

  2. Joey,

    I don’t fly gyros, but I do read extensively on them as they are a real marvel of the laws of physics.

    Everyone will have an opinion and mine comes from reading virtually anything I can get my hands on.

    I personally believe the Sport Copter Lightning has far and away the best built and safest light weight gyro. In the Dominator you get a stronger engine but your seat is the gas tank. Don’t spill. The suspension I believe is much stronger, especially the front tire mechanism. It needs to be made to withstand greater pressure. The seat in the Lightning is the same G-force seat they put in their most expensive gyro.

    In this category both gyros are the elite. In my book, it is like night and day but you would have a hard time convincing everyone of that. You need to decide for yourself. Good luck.

  3. sirs:

    has the gyroplane (fatal) pitchover problem been engineered out of the current crop of gyroplanes?
    thanks for your reply

    carl charest

  4. Dear Carl,

    You ask about gyro pitch over and I understand why. With gyros there can be scenarios that involve a pilot induced oscillation and possible unrecoverable situation. All begin with an undesirable forward-aft oscillation of the aircraft and the pilots unfamilitarity with it’s feel. As pic you must know in advance how well your gyro’s design addresses centerline thrust and airframe stability, ie: horizontal stabilization. The claim of Inherent Stability of a gyroplane must be confirmed because of it’s importance regarding less pilot workload flight.
    Best make it as safe and as simple as possible and focus on a gyro that is a centerline thrust, horizontal stabilizer designed and equipped machine. Then you will have the most docile as possible gyroplane to fly and enjoy it.

  5. What happened to the Groen Brothers? They were designing and preparing to manufacture gyros about 20 years ago that looked like winners. I went to their plant outside Salt Lake City to tour the ops and thought it was very promising.

  6. Looks intriguing, but 60k is not 10% of the cost of an R22 which is a comparable helicopter. More like 40%.

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