4 thoughts on “Headset Buyer’s Guide 2015

  1. Marc, this article was GREAT! You did a fantastic job and I think it will help many pilots find a headset that works for them.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks for being one of the few sources to put numbers to the performance of several different headsets. I am trying to decide between the new DC One-X versus the Bose A20 and I’m having a difficult time finding objective measurements that I can use to compare these two products.

    Since you folks are more impartial than most, I’d definitely love to see you do a much more detailed review. I’d like to see a graph showing noise reduction by frequency taken in a lab setting, plus some measurements taken in actual flight. I’d also like to see some double-blind subjective evaluations on sound quality made by a handful of “golden eared” people (the type who review stereo products, for instance) to give a sense of which products sound better for communication, music, etc.

    This would be a huge help to those of us willing to make big investments in headsets, but finding little more than marketing propaganda to base our decisions on.

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