6 thoughts on “Plane & Pilot 2017 Buyer’s Guide: Light Sport Aircraft

  1. You mention the Legend Cub as a “major competitor” to three of the ten above. When including its amphibious configuration, it challenges half the list. In sales, the Legend Cub surpasses the bottom third of the list combined. So why is it not mentioned? I suppose it’s in a class all its own since it’s the one that really does fly like a Cub.

  2. Pretty soon, LSA/GA new is going to price selves out of range for most… noted many LSA cost more then great used low hour GA. so if changes come to GA p23..???

  3. I have a remos absolutely the most fun you can have with your clothes on super tough landing gear ,some of my landings scare the crap out of you. But it keeps on taking it .

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