2 thoughts on “Saddling Up A Colt

  1. The year that John Kennedy was assassinated I was in the Navy stationed at Keflavik Iceland. I saw a notice posted on a bulletin board in the hanger advertising flying lessons. Thus began my infatuation with the Colt. The instructor/owner was an Icelandic man and his English was at times difficult to understand but he really could fly. If you have ever been to Iceland you know the weather is fickle and the wind “never” stops. Don’t ever remember landing in the same kind of weather that we took off in. Sometimes felt like you were flying a leaf. I do remember thinking that my instructor was the bravest man in the world. Never flew again after leaving “the rock” but the memories of learning to fly that Colt are magnificent.

  2. Student pilot in a J3 Cub in 1958 had the SOLO experience. Dropped out of flying while raising a family.

    Just recently bought a Piper Colt and will try to bring it back to life. Having fun doing it.

    Monty King

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