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  1. A flight student, about 5 years ago, came from Croatia payed ahead for flight training, which he partly completed due to school personnel harassment, and accusations of being a terrorist, and when he complained they kicked him out and reported him to ins, and had him arrested because his visa expired. He spent 5 months in Atlanta jail never completing his training, or getting back his life savings.

  2. Many years ago I did my Commmercial Flight Training at this place. I was so sick of them playing stupid tricks on me both by the instructors in the cockpit and the management personnel on the ground, they tried every trick in the book to delay my getting my ratings to get more cash out of me that in the end I walked out and signed up with a different training establishment to complete my course. In my opinion they were at that time nothing but a load of ‘sharks’ and certainly not to be trusted, so NEVER pay for the entire course upfront to these people, pay by the ‘block’ as you go along, it is more expensive but could save you a lot of $ in the long run. But even better…GO SOMEWHERE ELSE from the start. There are far more reputable Training Establishments in the US and it sounds as though SEFT hasn’t changed.

  3. I went to southeastern with my private, and in 9 months was an instructor. The day after I pasted my CFI they gave me a student and had me teaching a ground school with 6 private students. Over the next 3 months i got my II and MEI and found another job. I think you will get out of Southeastern what you put in. O, and when I finished I had 6K to 7k left on my account I almost never repeated a lesson and I flew everyday weather permitting sometimes twice.

  4. Totally adress with disatisfied. I had the same experience and switched schools , they tried to get more cash out of those who they thought had the money and were flying as a hobby. The CFI’s even told us that! Also, one of the mechanics had an alcohol problem!

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