3 thoughts on “Sport Cruiser Rises

  1. Why would I even consider a new, allegedly state-of-the-art plane without the option of fuel injection. Absurd. An ancient technology, prone to carb ice. One cannot buy even a $25,000 car with a CARB!

    Editor Goyer gave them a rather big pass here.

  2. Uhh….Rotax offers a fuel-injected version of the 912 engine. I was lucky enough to be a passenger in a SC this week. It was a long trip from Sun-n-Fun back to Texas. We burned 4.5 gph of 93 Octane MOGAS. It was roomy, comfortable and we carried a fair amount of baggage for two full-sized people. The engine started up instantly every single time. We had Garmin GPS (796), Autopilot, Digital PFD, Engine Monitoring, XM Weather & Radio. My friend bought his 6-yr old airplane for well-under $100k. I think it would be “absurd” to consider his plane “ancient technology” or ignore all the benefits listed in the article. No airplane is perfect, but I think the point of the article is that it’s a lot of bang-for-the-buck.

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