6 thoughts on “Sport Cruiser Rises

  1. Why would I even consider a new, allegedly state-of-the-art plane without the option of fuel injection. Absurd. An ancient technology, prone to carb ice. One cannot buy even a $25,000 car with a CARB!

    Editor Goyer gave them a rather big pass here.

  2. Uhh….Rotax offers a fuel-injected version of the 912 engine. I was lucky enough to be a passenger in a SC this week. It was a long trip from Sun-n-Fun back to Texas. We burned 4.5 gph of 93 Octane MOGAS. It was roomy, comfortable and we carried a fair amount of baggage for two full-sized people. The engine started up instantly every single time. We had Garmin GPS (796), Autopilot, Digital PFD, Engine Monitoring, XM Weather & Radio. My friend bought his 6-yr old airplane for well-under $100k. I think it would be “absurd” to consider his plane “ancient technology” or ignore all the benefits listed in the article. No airplane is perfect, but I think the point of the article is that it’s a lot of bang-for-the-buck.

  3. Concerning the 120 knot cruise, is this the fastest cruise possible? Or is this at sea level? Does top cruise increase at altitude? In other words at 3,000, 5,000 or higher does the top cruise increase? If so, by how much?

  4. Rotax Bing carbs are pretty cool. They do automatic altitude compensation so no manual leaning etc for mixture control. The Rotax 912 ULS engine also likes mogas or avgas and has been a joy to own and maintain. Yes, the Rotax engine has gotten even better over time with more options avail, however my ’08 SportCruiser with the Rotax 100hp motor is still far more advanced than 90% of the GA fleet flying today. We’re loving it.

  5. What is the panel mounted annunciatior located at the top left side of the panel, appears http be yellow, and says EMS; what does it tell you? Thanks.

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