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  1. As a total novice in wood work and aviation I built the Taylor Mon plane back in the early 1970’s and the simplicity of its construction cannot be over stated. The aircraft is still flying in 2017, out of Yass aerodrome west of Canberra. I did make a change to the fuselage in that I eliminated the curved sides and made straight slab sides, and made the turtle deck higher. The only fault I found with the aircraft was its too narrow fuselage at the cockpit. The fuselage needs to be about 4 to 6 inch wider and the seat back needs to be sloped back to 105 degrees for seating comfort in the spine. I have done the design calculations and stress analysis and the design ticks all the boxes for conventional design criteria. I have heard that the wheels are too far forward but they are placed at 15 degrees forward angle of the main spar so that in the landing stall at 15 degrees, the weight of the aircraft is towards the tail and not the front of the aircraft. This is normal design criteria. I have also heard that the rudder is inadequate. It is almost three times larger then the design calculations require it to be. It is a delightful little airplane and many, (well over a hundred) have been built and flown throughout the world.
    In fact, I am about to start building the aircraft again but this time I am using a Jabiru 2.2 engine and I will incorporate the sloping seat back and widen the fuselage as well as make the fuselage 4 inch longer in the tail.

  2. hello Thomas-
    read with interest your piece about the taylor monoplane. I’ve been thinking more and more about building one myself, but have also been reading various posts about how difficult xwinds and even calm-wind landings can be.

    I’m a (very) low-time light sport pilot (90 hrs) with a tailwheel endorsement that I got in a cub. what’s your opinion…is landing the taylor mono anything like landing a cub? would appreciate any thoughts.

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