2 thoughts on “Plane Speed: How Fast Do You Need To Fly?

  1. Where i live we have lots of trees rocks and water. My father taught me the first number to look at is how slow it will go because on a bad day anything over 50 mph your odds of surviving goes way down. First question is how fast am i going to hit the trees at. I have a friend who had a Lancair 360. If someone asked for a rid he said I dont mind taking you for a rid as long as you understand the day the engine dies, so do we.

  2. Speed is only important if you need to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Buy (or build) a nice high wing, install a set of floats or bush gear and some STOL mods, then drop down a few thousand feet to enjoy the trip. The extra time spent will be far more enjoyable and maybe even a bonus! Explore, do a little fishing, check out a few grass strips and meet a few of the ‘locals’ along the way. There’s far more to flying than speed alone and an entire group of pilots who believe the STOL capability, versatility and payload are far more important than speed as a measure of aircraft performance!

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