LSA Industry On Life Support…ummm…Nah.

In a recent article in Flying Magazine, an editor volunteered his opinion that the Light Sport industry is on life support.  There are so many good arguments to refute such a sky-is-falling assessment, it kind of makes you wonder why a respected journalist would go out of his way to attract a lot of heat more »

LSA Fun Foreign and Domestic

Back from a busy, weather-challenging (for photography) trip to the Bahamas, I stopped by to visit Dan Johnson and his soul mate Randee at their Spruce Creek air park digs north of Florida.  If you haven’t had the pleasure, visit Spruce Creek sometime to see how cool an air park can be.  Hundreds and hundreds more »

Adieu Sebring 2013

Sebring’s final day ended at 2 p.m. with the customary light attendance and gathering clouds.  I spoke with a couple of the principals of the Expo staff that did such a superb job making this no doubt the smoothest running, most feature-packed event that I’ve certainly been too.  Kudos to all: it was a beautifully more »

Sebring Day Three Evening

The big Saturday came and went, bookended by winds, overcast and raindrops of the intermittent kind.  No doubt many potential showgoers were deterred by the non-Florida-like weather. LSA demo flights were conducted apace, although none of the three days of the show have shown the kind of flight activity of previous years because the weather more »

Sebring Day Three morning

Just after I posted in the wee hours last night I got this late email from Greg Lawrence about his work with deaf flight students.  Greg added a link to more information, check it out, it’s very interesting. “Nobody can hear very well in a small aircraft,” writes Greg, “and fewer than ‘nobody’ can process more »

Sebring Day Two…and our National Treasure (initials P.W.)

More airplanes made it through the winter weather blanketing much of the midwest and east. Pipistrel’s much-awaited Alpha Trainer arrived at 8 last night thanks to its much-fatigued pilot Don Sharp who soldiered on through the crud all the way from Indiana. Highlights?  Too many to list, but in the wee hours meself we’ll go more »

Sebring Expo Day One

Sebring is off and running!  The day in pix and captions…                                                    

Sebring LSA Expo Next Week!

    This year’s LSA bash in Sebring which starts next Thursday, 17 January and runs through the weekend looks to be far and away the best ever.  Jana Filip and crew have been working hard all year to make  this a top professional event. Lots of new things in addition to the usual comfy, more »

Electric Airplane in 48 hours!

With all the bright minds drilling down for electric flight gold worldwide these days, including extensive research into battery storage technology and electric motor development, you’d think it’s only a matter of time before a major aircraft company comes out with an off-the-shelf aircraft to officially “launch” electric flight for the masses. Yuneec, a Chinese more »

CTLSi, as in *sigh*

Yes, as the pics show, I did indeed take advantage of a rare, calm, beautiful, warm (for winter) day in New England to drive over to Tom Peghiny’s Flight Design USA and take my first hop in a fuel-injected Rotax-powered LSA: the new CTLSi. Company Chief Pilot Jonathan Carter did me the honors as we went more »

If It Works For Morgan Freeman…

In case you don’t know about Able Flight, here’s a link to the organization’s website, and another to its donation page. This wonderful endeavor helps paralyzed and otherwise physically challenged people, both civilian and war-wounded, to achieve their dreams of flight by taking them through a complete Sport Pilot training  course. Able Flight uses specially-outfitted Sky Arrows more »

The Longest Flight

U.S.Sinus motorglider owner/dealer Rand Vollmer recently flew 1170 statue miles nonstop at mostly economy cruise settings from Oshkosh to Florida on one 24.5 gallon fill up in his Pipistrel Sinus, 49-foot span motorglider. Color me green with envy and drooling from sheer lust for flight. For the trip, Rand’s average speed was  102 knots.  Fuel more »

Tecnam’s New Entry-Level (and Affordable!) LSA

Tecnam North America’s CEO Phil Solomon dropped me a line yesterday to make sure I heard the news that there’s a new, all-metal, budget-priced Tecnam LSA, just released, that should generate some enthusiasm among the “LSA: too expensive!” crowd. It’s called the P92 Echo Classic Light. It’s priced at $74,999, and that’s fly away from Richmond, more »

Quicksilver Adds Five Aircraft to FAA Kit List

Last Spring I had the pleasure of photographing the several aircraft that make up the stable of the re-emergent Quicksilver Aircraft company. Quicksilver is the once-and-future, Cessna-style flagship of the ultralight industry back in the 70s and 80s, when it sold almost 15,000 single seater and two-seat aircraft kits under the FAA Part 103 regulation. What more »

Seaplanes To Be Banned From New Mexico?

There’s been a hue and cry from the seaplane community over New Mexico’s proposed ban of all seaplane operations in the entire state! The rationale for the ban, as put forward by the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Dept., would seem to be the danger to boaters from seaplanes landing on water, and more »

Wheels-DOWN Water Landing!

I posted this in a comment to my SeaMax story yesterday after finding it on an Aussie website.  One of the big no-no’s in traditional floatplanes and perhaps (I honestly don’t know) traditional amphibs like the Lake Amphibian and others is landing with the wheels down.  On a float plane, it can cause a disastrous more »

Raising Kids Propper-Like

While looking for images for my RV-12 post the other day, I came across the smile-worthy video below. It was put up on YouTube by an RV-7 owner who treated his little brother to a flight, with some aerobatics thrown in for grins, and what a delight to see the sheer joy on the little more »

Flying Club Initiative

AOPA during its annual Summit convention that ended this weekend announced during the event a program that makes a lot of sense: a national network of flying clubs with the aim to grow general aviation at all levels. We’ve been talking about alternatives to the modern steep cost of private flying for some time now, more »