Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1999– Present

STANDARD DATA (728JET)Seats: 7-110; Gross weight: 83,754 lbs.; Engines: two 12,500 lb. General Electric CF343-3D1 turbofans. PERFORMANCE: Max cruise: 460 kts.; Range: 1,400–4,000 nm; Service ceiling: 41,000 ft.; Takeoff distance: 4,800 ft.; Landing distance: 4,659 ft.

When Fairchild Dornier became Fairchild Aerospace, the basic 328 turboprop soon became the 328JET. FADEC Pratt & Whitneys were hung under the wings, the landing gear was strengthened and new Honeywell Primus 2000 EFIS panels were installed in the cockpit. The new airplane was thus brought to market in record time. Fairchild is developing the Envoy, a private jet variant of the 328JET, and the 528JET, a 55- to 63-seat stretch. A larger 728Jet was planned until the company declared bankruptcy in 2002.


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