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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Power Flow Celebrates 15 Years Of Shipping Tuned Exhaust Systems

Power Flow has been shipping tuned exhaust systems all over the world for 15 years. The first shipment followed two years of development, flight testing and pursuit of their first STC. Since then they have shipped out over 4,500 tuned exhaust systems for 15 different aircraft types and 73 models.

Their systems have a dramatic impact on performance. Using a test cell at Ly-Con in California, Power Flow measured the horsepower of a Lycoming 0-320 A1A, rated at 160 hp, and equipped with an original Cessna exhaust for a baseline, they got a peak horsepower of 133.3. When they removed the OEM exhaust and replaced it with a Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System, the horsepower peaked at 157.1…a 23.8 hp difference. That extra horsepower translates into more torque, a shorter takeoff roll, better climb and faster cruise at normal settings. The engine also runs cooler.

The key behind the tuned exhaust is the length of the pipes coming off the exhaust manifold and the "collector" that allows for a more complete evacuation of exhaust gases from the cylinders. That, in turn, allows for a greater amount of gas/air mixture to enter the cylinder before firing, increasing efficiency and boosting power.

Power Flow has long had a 60-day 100 percent refund policy for their systems. It is the kind of guarantee no one would offer if they did not have the test data and consumer feedback to support their claims of improved performance.

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