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Hanford Municipal Airport
Submitted By Cecil Chapman

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In my lightboxes:

Pilot: Cecil Chapman

Destination Details

  • Destination: Hanford Municipal Airport
  • State/Province: California
  • Website:
  • Airport ID (Check airport ID here): KHJO
  • Activities: As soon as I landed, the first thing I did after tying down the plane and closing my flight plan was call an old college friend (who is married to another dear friend, who was my roommate during my college days) in Prescott, AZ. My friend had lived in nearby Visalia, CA so I wanted to know what was a 'must-see/do' while in Hanford. The first thing that came to her lips was "Superior Dairy Products Company"; it had (as I would soon find out) homemade ice cream, served in an ice cream parlor that had been there for 80years. So, I called a cab and began my adventure. Ya, know,,, more often than not company names tend to be more than just a bit of a misnomer, however this is definitely NOT the case with this wonderful place - the ice cream products are definitively, superior. I sat down to have a LARGE chocolate chip ice cream milkshake (served with the metal mixing cup). By the way, you won't believe the size of their VERY generous ice cream scoops of the most delicious ice cream you likely have ever had! The town center is well-preserved and invites a walk around its' very pituresque bulidings and town square. The Hanford Fox Theater . I checked out the performers scheduled to be here and WOW! Click this link to be taken to their website with performer schedule: You know, my estimation of these performers (name acts) increased 10,000-fold when I saw that they would be willing to perform in what would be a very small venue for them. It impressed me greatly, because it seems to show that they want to give back to the small towns, since that is where most of them found their origins; i.e., in small towns. Maccagno's Bakery is another MUST where you can check out the many baked delights at this old style bakery. Sign says: "Faithful Service Since 1929" If you tire of the city, the older part of Hanford will likely win your heart. I revisit this small town on a regular basis with all my flight students when we are doing their long dual cross-country requirement. Of course, we stop for the best ice cream there ever was. I strongly believe that in addition to fueling their love of flight that it is also equally important to let them discover the positive new adventures that flying can bring into their lives. Hanford fills the bill and is always an unexpected, pleasant surprise for my students.
  • About Your Plane: I'm a flight instructor so I fly basically a variety of Cessna and Piper product.
  • Flying Tips: Simple flight regardless whether what direction you are coming from. There is a MOA to the West which I would recommend using flight following to circumnavigate. Many a time, while with flight following, I have been treated to the view of F-18's flying into the nearby naval air station in Lemoore.
  • GPS Longitude: 36.3167222
  • GPS Latitude: -119.6276389
  • Best Season: Yearround
  • What To Bring: A Taste For The Best Homemade Ice Cream

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