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    Posted on Wednesday 27 April, 2011 by Andy Nagai.
    Nice shot
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    great place to fly to! food is great at the...

Monument Valley
Submitted By Tim Greer

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In my lightboxes:

Pilot: Tim Greer

Destination Details

  • Destination: Monument Valley
  • State/Province: Utah
  • Website:
  • Airport ID (Check airport ID here): UT25
  • Activities: Incredible FLYING - plus hiking, ATVs, cycling, camping, Boating and Houseboats... plenty of history, culture, and tours. Tons of things to see within a short flight: Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce, Zion, Marble Canyon and lots more. Your eyes will pop out of your head. Greatt
  • About Your Plane: CTsw by Flight Design. Light Sport. Cruises at 120kts... 34 gallons at 5 gph. A bunch of fun!
  • Flying Tips: Avoid thunderstorms and the heat of the Summer. Bumpy afternoon flying if weather gets hot.
  • GPS Longitude: 110
  • GPS Latitude: 37
  • Best Season: Autumn
  • What To Bring: A camera or two!!!

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