It's that time of year again: that crispness in the air doesn't just signal the beginning of winter, it's also the start of the holiday shopping season. Each year, shoppers hunt for the elusive perfect gift; some may even find it. More often than not, however, the hordes of fellow shoppers and pure procrastination win out, and we settle for what's left. Why not browse for gifts for the aviator in your life at your leisure—anytime, anyplace? Each year, we collect all the gadgets a pilot could ever want in our Holiday Gift Guide. Plane & Pilot's Holiday Gift Guide is a one-stop shop for aviators, aviation lovers and anyone who has felt the call of the sky.

Bendix King Sigtronics
The Easiest Stall To Recover From Is The One That Never Happens

Better Angle of Attack, better safety all around. Did you know that an aircraft will stall at the same Angle of Attack, whereas indicated airspeed will vary? The KLR 10 lift reserve indicator from BendixKing by Honeywell is designed to provide you with clear indication to the wing’s available lift reserve. It alerts you with visual and audible cues well in advance of traditional stall warning systems. So you takeoff safely. You land safely. And you enjoy your flight.

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Sigtronics Aviation Intercoms

For over 40 years, pilots have relied on Sigtronics quality and durability. Their affordable American-made intercoms and headsets are available in a wide range of models. From portable to panel-mount stereo intercoms and standard to active noise reduction headsets, they have the products to fit your flying environment.

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Icom Micro VGs
Add Icom Before Flight!

Need a Hand This Holiday Season? Icom will help you find the right gift. Choose from a selection of handheld, panel-mount and ground crew communications.

See the complete line of Avionic radios at:

Visit your Icom dealer today!

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The Gift of Safety

Equip your airplane with Micro Vortex Generators (VGs) this holiday season to improve your margin of safety. Whether you're flying into a short strip or want a more stable instrument platform, Micro VGs help improve the controllability of your airplane. Visit or call 800-677-2370.

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DC Pro X DeLorme
The New DC PRO-X Headset Makes a Great Holiday Gift

The new DC PRO-X aviation headset from David Clark features a supra-aural (rest-on-ear) design, Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling (ENC) and Bluetooth® wireless technology. The technologically advanced and intelligently designed DC PRO-X comes with a five-year warranty and 30-day, money-back guarantee. Order online for the holidays at

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inReachSE From DeLorme

The groundbreaking satellite communicator that both sends and receives text messages to and from any cell phone number or email address. Be tracked, reached and rescued anywhere in the world. Pair inReachSE with your smartphone or tablet for unlimited maps to always know exactly where you are.

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Cockpit USA American Airpower Museum
Cockpit USA

Cockpit USA, founded in 1975, is a heritage fashion brand inspired by iconic military and flight apparel, and has been an Official Supplier of the US Air Force A-2 since 1986, as well as the largest supplier of made-in-the-USA outerwear.

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American Airpower Museum

The American Airpower Museum offers you the gift of flight this holiday season. Fly on a C-47 after being briefed on your "Mission to Normandy." This living-history flight experience is the perfect gift for any American history fan.

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Pilot Comm Digital Editions
Pilot Communications USA

BluLink enables you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. You can use your existing GA, helicopter or BOSE® panel-plug aviation headset with BluLink. No more tucking your cell phone under your headset or using cell phone adapters with various cords and additional adapters.

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