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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

November 2008 NOTAMS

Plane & Pilot’s Guide TO AVIATION’S most current PROMOTIONAL DEALS

From free training to discounts and rebates, this is the place to find great promotional deals from the aviation industry’s leading companies. Be sure to check this page every month for the latest offers.

notamsBanyan Offers Tours
Banyan Air Services, located at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, invites you on a guided golf cart tour of its 85-acre complex. The next time you’re in the area, visit the FBO, avionics, maintenance, parts department and Hangar63 (Banyan’s aviation store.) To arrange a tour, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information, contact: Banyan Air Services, (954) 491-3170, www.banyanair.com.

notamsRaisbeck’s $15K Incentive
Raisbeck Engineering is offering a $15,000 Platinum Conversion Certificate to King Air owners who purchase Raisbeck’s Epic Gold Performance System (which includes ram air recovery, enhanced performance leading edges, dual aft body strakes and high flotation gear doors), now available for the new Beechcraft B200GT. The certificate allows owners to upgrade to the Epic Platinum (which includes all Epic Gold elements plus the Raisbeck/Hartzell flour-bladed Quiet Turbofan Propeller System). For more information, contact: Raisbeck Engineering, (800) 537-7277, www.raisbeck.com.

notamsFree Sport Pilot Rating With LSA Purchase
US Aviation Group is offering a free sport pilot rating to anyone purchasing a new LSA from them. “Because people are showing up with the intention of getting the rating and buying an airplane, we decided to offer the instruction free of charge to anyone who buys one of our LSA,” said Mike Sykes, US Aviation’s president. “Some people will face their first long cross-country flight when they’re finished with the training, so we’ll have an instructor accompany them to their home airport to shoot a few touch-and-goes when they get there.” Located in Denton, Texas, US Aviation is an authorized dealer for Remos, Breezer, Skylark and the Tecnam Sierra and Bravo. For more information, contact: US Aviation Group, (866) 383-2400, www.usaeroplex.com.

$1 Overnight Shipping
For a limited time, Tropic Aero is offering $1 overnight shipping on select portable aviation electronics, including all portable Garmin GPS aviation units, exclusively for P&P readers. Visit www.tropicaero.com/PandP to view qualified electronics; enter coupon code “PANDP” during checkout to receive this offer. For more information, contact: Tropic Aero, (888) 280-9272, www.tropicaero.com.

notamsHalf Off On King Schools’ “Get It All” Kits
If you buy a “Get It All” kit from King Schools, you’ll save more than 50%. That’s at least $579! And you’ll get everything you need for your next rating. King Schools has assembled the products for private, instrument, commercial and CFI ratings and then slashed prices in half. For more information, contact: King Schools, (800) 854-1001, www.kingschools.com/getitall.

notamsGet Your Instrument Rating In 10 Days Or Less
AFIT (Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training) has a training program specifically designed for busy aviators who want to achieve their ratings in a few short days, not over several months. Regardless of how busy you are, you can become a safe, proficient and confident instrument-rated pilot in just 10 days or less. Guaranteed! AFIT will come to you and work around your schedule. P&P subscribers will save 10% on the 10-day course if they’re confirmed for training prior to November 31. For more information, contact: AFIT, (866) 270-8224, www.afit-info.com.

notamsFree Gift With Purchase
Aero 600 Avionics Cleaner prevents cockpit panel deterioration by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, alcohol or ammonia. The nonstreaking plant-based formula won’t deteriorate sensitive electronic components. It prevents the normal scratching or pitting that results from applying chemical cleaners, thus reducing the probability that pilots will need to replace expensive units because of screen deterioration. For easy access, keep it in the side pocket of your aircraft and use it to reduce glare from dust and fingerprints. Buy a bottle and get the book Eliminating Pilot Error free. For more information, contact: Mill River Company,
(888) 217-7233, www.aero600.com.

notamsFlying The Way It Was Meant To Be!
Above Alaska Aviation provides specialty Alaska flight training with Mt. McKinley as a backdrop. Book a bush, mountain flying or tailwheel course and receive 10% off a second course! Ask about earning your private certificate in a tailwheel “Super” Champ. For more information, contact: Above Alaska Aviation, (907) 355-4808, www.abovealaska.com.


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