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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Obituary For My Friend

You don’t know true sorrow until you lose a dog

Part of me has begun to say goodbye to our little friend. Plus, another little furry person, whom you’ll get to know in coming years, has come to live with us (Sháhn-Deen, Navajo for “ray of sunshine”), and we already love her. So, things are getting better. Still, every time I push back from the computer, I expect to hear Nizhoni scramble to her feet behind me. Every single time I come home from the airport, sweaty and tired, I expect to see her clawing at the door and anxious to greet me. I’ll get past most (not all) of the grief, but the memories will be forever. And for that, I’m eternally grateful. The memories make the pain worth it.
Adios, little girl. We miss you.

Budd Davisson is an accomplished aviation writer and photographer, CFII & CFIA, aircraft owner and builder. He has authored two books and lectured at the Smithsonian and NASA’s Langley Research Center.
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