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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Remembering Curtis Pitts

Some losses are extremely hard to accept

As I was kicking into a hammerhead, I couldn’t help but wonder how much smaller my life would have been had it not been for Curtis, his airplanes and his friendship. The man had the ability to make those of us in his family feel like giants, both as people and as pilots. His gentle genius taught untold generations what being a worthwhile human being really meant.

Every time I finish the first hour of dual and help unstrap a grinning student, I say, “Welcome to my world.” But it really isn’t my world, is it? It’s a world that Curtis invented. It’s a world in which I have been privileged to spend a lifetime, and for which I’ll be eternally grateful. Now, the goal is to live up to the standards that he inadvertently set simply because of the way he lived his life. No small task.

Budd Davisson is an accomplished aviation writer and photographer, CFII & A, aircraft owner and builder. He has authored two books and lectured at the Smithsonian and NASA’s Langley Research Center. Check out his Website at


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