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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Time Flies

Tomorrow has a way of becoming yesterday entirely too quickly

Regardless of what it costs, I can hardly wait to get my little airplane back. I don’t have to explain myself to her because she has been with me for most of the journey. In truth, my airplane is probably at the 3⁄4 mark on her journey, too. With any luck, however, when I’m gone, she’ll still be here. I only hope that whoever straps in next is gentle with her in a firm sort of way. She knows a lot, and she has taught a lot. And, if the new owner listens, she’ll make him or her as happy as she has made me throughout the journey. So maybe I really don’t mind spending the money fixing her ailments. No one ever said that old age is cheap.

Budd Davisson is an accomplished aviation writer and photographer, CFII & A, aircraft owner and builder. He has authored two books and lectured at the Smithsonian and NASA’s Langley Research Center. Check out his Website at


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