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Catching Up With The Legend
American Legend, makers of the popular fun flivver Legend Cub SLSA and Texas Sport kit version, aren't letting any bad-economy moss grow under their Cub-yellow tennies.
First, the top-selling American LSA maker received ASTM certification and has completed versions available as we speak for its Amphibious Float Cub.
The web-footed little bear is based on a lightweight version of the Cub. Baumann Floats makes the water gear.
A couple of FloatCub's advantages over other Cubs and seaplanes are the both-side doors for ease of docking, and an electric starter - no more shaky dockside hand-propping ops!
Cost complete is $159,000.
Next, Legend's “Cash For Junkers” rebate program is still going strong. The company kicks back $4,500 after purchase of a new Cub or kit. To get the rebate, just trade-in your old moth-eaten bird, flying or not.
BTW, the “Junkers” reference pays homage to the German Junkers & Co. that built some infamous airplanes, including the JU-87 Stuka dive bomber.
Finally, for Christmas Cubbie shopping fun, check out the online store. Lots of goodies there for Cub lovers, and who doesn't love Cubs?
---photo courtesy Legend Aero


She's a beauty... saw her at Oshkosh! -Mike

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