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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

From The Editor: Navigating New York

It's some of the busiest airspace in the country. New York Harbor sits right between Class B airports LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark, but for VFR pilots it's accessible via the Hudson River Corridor. In late October—a week before Sandy—we launched a fleet of six airplanes from Teterboro Airport's Jet Aviation: a P-51 Mustang flown by warbird pilot Doug Rozendaal, four Citation Mustang jets led by former Air Force Thunderbirds pilot Dean Wright and a Bonanza photoship, my perch with several Canon cameras. The flight commemorated the historical, cultural and economic contributions of aviation, taking us over landmarks that included One World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, and the United Nations building. A big "thank you" to the New York ATC team, whose help was outstanding.

At the other end of the airspace spectrum, the northern Idaho Panhandle is an aviator's dream, with stunning mountains vistas, pristine lakes and inviting backcountry strips. Our base, SilverWing at Sandpoint, is a luxury residential airpark near Lake Pend Oreille that features hangar-homes adjacent to a 5,500-foot paved runway. During our week of backcountry bliss, we flew a Kodiak Quest, loaded with dirt bikes for an off-road escapade, took a turbo Cirrus SR22 on its own bush-flying mission to Cavanaugh Bay's groomed turf airstrip next to Priest Lake and demoed a Husky A-1C in its element. Look for these adventures in upcoming issues and at This month, Marc Lee gives us a taste of airpark living and activities accessible from SilverWing, including the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center that has its own private airstrip.

Our annual buyer's guide covers both airplanes and new pilot gear. Senior Editor Bill Cox rounds up all certified piston single and twin airplanes on the market, and LSA Editor James Lawrence profiles more than 35 light-sport aircraft. Marc Lee discusses the pros and cons of active and passive noise reduction headsets, and James Wynbrandt reviews portable and installed ADS-B products available today. John Hayes updates us on the current turbine market and what's in store for the future.

Have you dreamed of flying a turboprop? Contributor John Ruley, a Cessna 182 co-owner who has also been logging time in a Pilatus PC-12, discusses stepping up from a piston to a turboprop, and some of the main differences, including flying in the flight levels, pressurization and weather equipment.

Experienced ferry pilot Bill Cox has flown many ocean crossings, in all types of airplanes and conditions. He always needs to carry extra fuel, which requires taking off with the airplane over its legal gross weight—typically by 25%, approved on a ferry permit. In this issue, Bill tells of transporting a Beech Duke from Amman, Jordan, to Fargo, North Dakota, and lessons learned from operating over gross.

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