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Saturday, December 1, 2007

From The Editor: ­Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

How times have changed

Considering modern technology, our world and the people in it have never been more connected; the bandwith is there. No matter—there are exceedingly few true universal heroes. Of course, there’s Mandela, Ghandi and King, all of whom represent struggles for peace and unity, but lately, there’s not much out there. Nevertheless, I’d venture to say that aviation, and the dreams and achievements and, yes, heroes it inherently creates, can and should be a medium to communicate a wider message of harmony among peoples.

As Armstrong and Aldrin descended to the moon in the lunar module looking for a suitable spot to set the Eagle down, the whole world was watching and collectively holding its breath. After floating across an unforeseen boulder field with 30 seconds of fuel remaining, all of us on earth exhaled upon hearing Armstrong’s words, “Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.” And when Armstrong and Aldrin exited the lunar module and walked on the lunar surface, we all took those steps with them. On one of the Eagle’s legs, there’s a plaque that reads, in part, “We came in peace for all mankind.” And on that day, in July of 1969, all mankind was one, and aviation produced three true heroes. Happy Holidays.

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