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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reflections On Inner & Outer Flight

Reaching beyond self-imposed limitations

There also was an inner aspect to aerobatic competition: pushing myself in ways that, in the end, created a continual competition within myself. While I could always judge myself against the performance of others, it was really about a competition with myself, and the potential to go beyond my current limitations. For me, aerobatics was all about pushing boundaries and seeking a greater sense of freedom that always seemed to be just beyond my grasp.

From an early age, I became fascinated with aircraft and physical flight. But I also became fascinated with what I now see as inner flight. Most people know me for my exploits in aerobatics and vintage aircraft, but I’ve always explored another parallel path that’s equally intriguing and exciting. From the time I became fascinated with physical flight, I also became fascinated with the worlds around us we don’t see.

In my early twenties and after several years of trying, I began to have conscious out-of-body experiences. I know there are ghosts because I’ve become one! I’ve floated though walls and ceilings in astral form, in realities just beyond the frequency range of our current one. These floating sensations and the freedom I experienced were basically just “flying” in another world, and while they were happening, they were as real as any aviating experience I’ve had in this world.

Over the years, these inner flights continued and eventually led me to explore other aspects of consciousness. Along the way, I’ve had many fascinating experiences and successes that only enhanced my reflections on the profoundness of all aspects of flight. While you may not currently enjoy consciously traveling in worlds beyond the physical, don’t underestimate your potential. What we all share in common is that everyone, at some level, can relate to what the metaphor of flight means in their own way. In your own life, what does it mean to you to reach for the sky and the stars, as well as soar in your imagination and fly in your dreams?

When I began to create Fantasy of Flight in Central Florida, my two parallel paths—inner and outer flight—merged to become one. While we display many rare and historic aircraft, it’s really not about airplanes anymore. Instead of airplanes serving as end products, they have become, as all airplanes are, a means to an end. They’re mediums of expression and metaphors for how we can each discover new ways to go beyond ourselves and our current limitations. I believe Fantasy of Flight will affect aviation enthusiasts—and nonaviators—in new and never imagined ways.

So, how might any of this apply to you? The next time you fly, I’d like you to try something. Get up to a comfortable cruising altitude, settle in and begin by looking down. From your lofty perch, ponder the world below—your world—and how you now see it from a higher perspective! Next, look off to the distant horizon—your horizon—as far as you can see, and wonder what might lie beyond it? Lastly, look up into the seemingly never-ending sky, and ask yourself, “What might lie beyond my current level and perception of reality? What limitations are keeping me from climbing even higher?”

I believe the process of searching for those answers will lead you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery! Oh, and just one last thing: It really is all about the journey, so enjoy your flight, wherever your travels may lead you!

Kermit Weeks is a two-time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion who has been inducted into Florida’s Aviation Hall of Fame. Visit


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