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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Light-Sport Chronicles: Sport-Pilot Survey Says! Part II

More feedback from our poll of the LSA flying community

Sting Sport partner Brian Garrett trained at Skyraider Aviation, Erie, Col. (KEIK). "Ever since earning my sport-pilot license (SPL), I kept checking off the boxes necessary to move towards a PPL. I started with controlled airports, then kept up with the training."

Sport-pilot student pilot and Evektor SportStar renter Tom Grinolds has endorsements for higher speed and Class D airspace. He trains out of Acuwings (Renton, Wash.).

Private pilot holder Rob Finfrock learned to fly in a Cessna 172 at Albuquerque in 2003, then twin setbacks— finances and a cancer scare—stopped the flying in 2005 and he let his Third Class medical lapse in 2006.

When Rob heard about the new sport pilot license, "I realized it was a godsend for my situation. I restarted flight training in January 2007 in an Evektor Sportstar in Grand Prairie, Texas."

Although beset by economic challenges again, he persevered to earn his SPL in 2008, "inside of two weeks, in central Florida." Back in Albuquerque, N.M., he rents a Remos GX.

With an Icon A5 amphibian on order, SportCruiser owner Sam Dollenmeier plans to get a seaplane rating. He trained with Airwolf Aviation out of Anderson, South Carolina.s Steve Mink flies his Tecnam P2002 from Concord, Calif., has a Class C endorsement, and "will probably get a glider rating."

An anonymous LSA owner has endorsements for Class B, C and D airspace and got his training at N. Little Rock Airport (KORK), home of SportairUSA, the U.S. distributor for several LSA, including the Sting.

Answers to our next question—how often do you fly an LSA?—ranged from "not much at all any more" to 20 or more hours per month.

Geoff McHarg tracked the national civilian pilot average with a total 56 hours over 12 months in his rented AT-4L, while Thomas Ivines racked up 200 hours in his LSA.

"The first week I put 30 hours on it flying from California, where I bought it, to Florida," Ivines says. Now, there's an adventurer!

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