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Friday, May 1, 2009

Plane & Pilot In A Pilot's Story

Filmed in hangars and homes, at restaurants and on ramps, A Pilot's Story is an upcoming documentary from Wilco Films that tells the story of flight in the words of pilots themselves.
"Our goal with the film is to educate and inspire the next generation of pilots and astronauts," said producers Rico Sharqawi and Will Hawkins. "We want to motivate individuals who dream of flying but have not yet acted on making flight a reality."
A Pilot's Story will feature aviators such as Thunderbirds Maj. Samantha Weeks, Cessna CEO Jack Pelton, and Red Bull Racer Michael Goulian. Members of the Plane & Pilot team to be featured include Ask P&P Expert Patty Wagstaff, Contributor Jim Wynbrandt, Contributor and Formation Pilot Bill Stein, and Editor Jessica Ambats.
You could be featured in the film as well! Wilco Films has launched a contest in which contestants can submit their own story; the Grand Prize winner will be featured in the film. Winners will also receive Plane & Pilot subscriptions. For contest rules, visit


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