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April 2004



  • 10 Fast Fixes For Lousy Landings

    Pilots put their passion and their pride on the line with every landing. Here’s some advice from the pros.

  • Got Insurance? Are You Sure?

    You may be as surprised as we were to discover that as many as half of America’s active pilots unknowingly fly without it

  • Prime Time For Icing

    Although winter may have the reputation, springtime can be just as notorious when it comes to freezing conditions

  • The Ultimate Preflight

    The assumption that the airplane has always worked in the past is no excuse for a hasty inspection


Pilot Talk

  • Air Vagabonds

    Ferry flying may seem glamorous, but Tony Vallone’s book tells the truth

  • Pitts Specialski

    A world away is as near as the next key stroke

  • The Wellstone Accident

    Even the bigger birds can stall and fall