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May 2005


  • 2005 Liberty XL2

  • Buying Your First Plane

    It’s an issue practically all of us must address at one time or another. Virtually every pilot—student, private, commercial or ATP—dreams of owning an airplane.

  • Cherokee 6

    This Oshkosh winner is one of the all-time great flying SUVs!

  • Piper Cherokee Six 300

  • The New & Improved Liberty XL2

    The composite and aluminum two-seater has already come further than most. Now it’s pulling into the fast lane!



Pilot Talk

  • A Needle In A Haystack

    Current ELT systems can make life difficult for search and rescue

  • First Flight

    Alleviating a non-pilot’s fears of little airplanes

  • Young Geniuses

    When do you get too old to be a prodigy?