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October 2008


  • 2008 Cessna Turbo Skylane

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  • 2008 Luscombe Silvaire 8F LSA

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  • A Look At The Piper Jet

    Piper JetApproximately two years after unveiling its much-anticipated PiperJet, Piper Aircraft recently gave members of the media, Piper dealers and prospective owners a firsthand look at the jet. Piper’s unveiling consisted of both a ground viewing and aerial demonstration over the Vero Beach, Fla., factory. With more than 200 visitors on hand, Piper provided many new details on the jet’s performance, design and certification status.
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  • LoPresti Fury

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  • Luscombe Silvaire 8F: A Classic LSA

    A Luscombe enthusiast revives the type with a larger Continental engine and a lower gross weight

    If you’re a Luscombe lover (and most any pilot who’s flown the type is), the new/old Luscombe 8F must strike a resonant tone. These days, in fact, the old Luscombe design has taken on a new persona, that of an LSA.
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  • The Ageless Skylane

    “Age and experience trump youth and enthusiasm every time.” Well, almost every time.

    As I look down—and up—at the Andes Mountains ahead, I can’t help feeling some comfort that I’m flying one of the oldest, toughest airplanes above the planet. Santiago, Chile, is in the Skylane’s rear window as I climb higher above the famous Pan-American Highway, reaching for 13,000 feet to clear the tall ridgeline into Argentina.

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  • YIPPEE: Evolution Of A Thoroughbred

    Nearly a quarter of a century in gestation, the LoPresti Fury flies into the 21st century full of promise

    Roy LoPresti was one of those people who should have been allowed to live forever. I was proud to call Roy a friend and mentor, the smartest man I ever met on the subject of little airplanes. ...more »


  • Telling The Truth On Your Medical

    What You Need To Know

    telling the truthA few days ago, I received a call from a pilot who was being seen by a physician in the emergency room. Did he want a second opinion? No, he wanted to know if the condition affected his medical certificate!
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  • Analyze This

    Today’s engine analyzers can help you lower costs and fly more safely

    No matter how modern an airplane’s engines and systems are, predictable power is ultimately a pilot’s personal responsibility. We rely on engine instrumentation to ensure safe flight, but we also like to optimize engine operations (for example, speed, distance or lifetime economy). The right information, reliably transmitted and interpreted, can save money and time, and prevent awkward situations.
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  • Control Vision Anywhere Map XP & ATC

    Portable moving maps with weather

    For years now, Control Vision has offered GPS moving-map software on portable devices based on assorted versions of Microsoft Windows. When I first looked at Anywhere Map, it ran on a Pocket PC and required cable connection to an external GPS; the result was a nice (but small) color moving-map display.
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  • October 2008 Readback

    The PiperJet Takes Flight

    On July 30, 2008, the PiperJet made its first flight from Piper’s headquarters in Vero Beach, Fla. “Today marks the beginning of a new era for Piper Aircraft as the company literally takes flight into a whole new realm of performance, luxury and capability,” asserted Piper President and CEO James K. Bass.
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Pilot Talk

  • From The Editor: No Sleep Till Touchdown

    Managing Fatigue, Flying The Fury & Using Google Earth

    I’ll never forget the first cross-country flight that I was on. I sat left seat as we departed the Los Angeles Basin, headed north for the coastal hamlet of Shelter Cove, Calif. After reaching cruise altitude, my right-seat companion, who was the aircraft owner and PIC, told me he was going to take a nap. As a low-time student pilot, I was eager to take over as the human autopilot, and I followed the course set on our handheld GPS. ...more »
  • GA & The Environment

    Keeping our skies clean

    Environmental awareness across the globe is becoming increasingly acute. The global media and the world’s population are increasingly focused on climate change and the extent to which aviation contributes to it. The general aviation manufacturing industry wants to actively participate in this discussion to speed the introduction of innovative technology and flight procedures that will reduce aviation’s impact on the environment. ...more »
  • Great Sandy Australia

    See Down Under—on the coast

    x-country His name is Blair Howe, and if he were any more Australian, he’d hop or eat eucalyptus leaves. Though he’s only about five feet and 11 inches, he’s a giant of a man—probably 270 pounds—all muscle and attitude and fiercely proud of his country and accomplishments.
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  • Light-Sport Chronicles: A Tale Of Two Countries

    In which princes and paupers strive to survive “interesting times”

    A well-known proverb, reputed to be Chinese, says, “May you live in interesting times.” What’s less well known: The phrase was a curse against enemies.

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  • Simplify, Simplify

    Administering a dose of J-3 Cub may be the cure for too much civilization

    No news can sometimes be better than good news. In fact, no news is probably good for your health, because lots of news certainly isn’t. That’s an easy conclusion to come to because most of us listen to, and read, so much news that we wind up feeling hard-pressed, oppressed and just a little depressed. Nearly every facet of life has become too complicated, and all most of us really want is to live life like a pilot flies a Piper Cub. Simplify, simplify.
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  • Waking Up To Fatigue

    Just because you’re awake, doesn’t mean you’re alert

    The FAA is paying renewed attention to human fatigue in aviation, particularly in air transport operations. This issue has troubled the NTSB to such an extent that it has appeared on its annual “Most Wanted Transportation Safety Improvements” every year since the list was first published in 1990.
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  • Google Earth: The Ultimate Preflight Tool

    How to view 3D depictions of sectional charts with real-time weather and much more!

    google earthTo this day, I can remember a rather “interesting” experience that occurred on a long solo cross-country while I was pursuing my private pilot license (almost 20 years ago). The time to my last waypoint, the destination airport, had expired, yet the field was nowhere in sight. After a few moments of panic and rechecking of numbers, I looked down, and (aha!) there it was.
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  • October 2008 NOTAMS

    Plane & Pilot’s Guide TO AVIATION’S most current PROMOTIONAL DEALS

    From free training to discounts and rebates, this is the place to find great promotional deals from the aviation industry’s leading companies. Be sure to check this page every month for the latest offers. ...more »