Tuesday, January 1, 2008

January 2008

Artful Flying by Michael Maya Charles (Artful Publishing, 2006, ISBN: 0976827409). Michael Maya Charles' book is intended to raise your flying to an artform. It's the only aviation book that shows you new ways to approach your hours in the cockpit, resulting in more awareness, increased levels of safety and more enjoyment from flying.

Bomber Boys: Dramatic And True-Life Experiences Over Occupied Europe, 1942–1945 by Mel Rolfe (Casemate, 2007, ISBN: 1909438611). Ordinary young men, many straight from school, propelled the war in the sky in World War II. Of about 125,000 airmen serving in Bomber Command, more than 55,000 lost their lives. In this expertly researched and narrated book, Mel Rolfe offers 20 different narratives in which these heroes venture out night after night on sorties throughout World War II Europe.

So You Want To Fly Twins DVD (Sporty's, 2007, ID# D238A). The multi-engine rating is necessary for pilots planning careers in aviation. For others, it's a fun and rewarding new challenge. This DVD was designed to guide pilots through each step of training and beyond, from multi-engine aerodynamics and flight maneuvers to performance and planning. Sporty's utilizes its signature in-flight footage and 3-D graphics and animations to explain every element of multi-engine flying. Every maneuver required on the flight test—both for VFR and IFR flight—and emergency and abnormal procedures are included in this DVD.

Propaganda Postcards Of The Luftwaffe by James Wilson (Casemate, 2007, ISBN: 978-1844154913). The efforts of the powerful Nazi propaganda machine to promote the technical achievements and might of the then newly created German air force are showcased in this book. The Luftwaffe had been announced to the world in March 1935, despite restrictions in the Versailles Treaty, signed after World War I, which denied Germany the right to develop military aircraft. All major aircraft types used by the Luftwaffe together with many lesser-known, obscure and secondary types are represented in this book.

Professional Pilot's Career Guide by Robert P. Mark (McGraw-Hill, 2007, ISBN: 0071485538). Career pilot and aviation-industry expert Robert Mark offers this vital reference with detailed coverage of pilot ratings and Practical Test Standars, plus goal-achieving tips on job hunting, networking, regional airlines, the majors and more. This is a real-world look at what it's like to fly for the airlines, corporations or charter companies, together with guidance on pay, benefits, types of aircraft and future prospects.


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