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June 2011

Pappy Boyington Field (e4 productions, 2010). Boyington was the commanding officer of the Black Sheep Squadron in the Pacific during World War II. He was also an ace fighter pilot, a prisoner of war and a Medal of Honor recipient. His best-selling book, Baa Baa Black Sheep, was made into a popular television series during the 1970s. This DVD tells the story of the grassroots effort of a town to honor their hero.
Let’s Go To The Reno Air Races (HTE Group, 2010). This DVD takes you to Stead Field in Reno, Nev., home of the annual Reno Air Races. It features high-definition video footage shot from the perspective of the race pylons, and interviews with top pilots in each racing class. See the awe of massive radial and Merlin engines roar to life, and dramatic takeoffs and landings. Place your order at www.justplanefunvideos.com.
Sporty’s VFR Communications (Sporty’s Academy, 2010). This updated DVD covers all types of aviation communications, including ATC, nontower fields and emergency situations. Scenarios include flight following, arriving and departing Class B, C and D airspaces and nonstandard communications.
Reach For The Skies: Ballooning, Birdmen and Blasting into Space by Richard Branson (Penguin Group, 2011, ISBN: 9781617230035). Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has always been obsessed with the skies. He examines 200 years of aviation history and its visionaries. He tells of miraculous rescues, records made and broken, feats of endurance and survival. Heros include Steve Fossett, who broke 103 world records, and Tony Jannus, who made the first-ever commercial flight over Tampa Bay, Fla., in 1914.
2011 Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot’s Guide By John and Betty Obradovich (Pilot Publishing, 2011, ISBN: 976901358). John and Betty Obradovich’s 15th edition includes 400 pages to help you plan your aviation adventure to blue skies and sandy beaches. Detailed flight data is available for each airport, plus a section on customs covers flight plans, forms and procedures. Information on accommodations and recreational activities is featured, as well.

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