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Sunday, May 1, 2005

10+ Most Useful Cockpit Gadgets

A buyer’s guide to the latest must-have gear for aviators

Almost every pilot searches for the right tools to make any flight a safe and enjoyable one. Whether it’s a gizmo that enables us to enjoy that short $100 hamburger flight or a portable piece of equipment that can save us baggage space during long cross-country treks to the backcountry, we’re always in need of that extra-special something that will make our trips a whole lot easier and the ride a whole lot more fun." />

11 ALL-PURPOSE SUNSHADE Never lose your sunglasses again with ProShade. This all-in-one visor, sunglass case and adjustable lanyard keeps sunglasses or any other small valuables safe with its fleece interior lining. It also functions as a visor that minimizes sun and glare as well as a multi-functioning lanyard that you can hang around your neck.
Price: $19.95
Contact: AnyWhere Chair Co., (828) 262-9880,

12 COME ON BABY LIGHT MY FIRE Now you can get two lights in one. The Firelight windproof lighter and LED flashlight features a butane lighter on one end and an LED flashlight on the other end, making it perfect for emergency situations. Just click for fire and twist for light.
Price: $40
Contact: Brunton, (800) 443-4871,

13 SEAT MATE Have a comfy seat wherever you go with the HowdaSeat. It rolls up like a blanket so you can just stow it in the back of the plane—or use it while flying! Measuring only 15x15 inches, this portable chair is the ideal item to bring with you anywhere—especially during air shows.
Price: $52
Contact: The Comfort Store, (888) 867-2225,


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