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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Grab Bag

Our picks for the most impressive products of the year

Private Pilot checkride app presents a question-answer format of most frequently asked checkride questions. Aviation dictionary with over 10,000 terms. PrepWare brings all written test prep books to the iPad.
Full-featured electronic logbook for the iPad with 8,000 preloaded aircraft. Exports to various calendars and spreadsheets. Features automatic calculation of duty times and various reports.
Flight Guide
The iEFB has detailed airport information for nearly 5,000 airports coast to coast. Georeferenced high-res Sectionals, TAC, approach Plates, IFR High and Low Enroute charts including Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Also Current Weather including METAR and TAFs.
Foreflight Mobile HD
High-quality weather, airport intelligence, service providers, flight planning and more. Also approach plates, georeferenced VFR/IFR charts, radar, flight rules and airport maps, as well as NEXRAD weather.
Hilton Software
The WingX Pro7 for iPad features moving map, DUATS, weather, airspace depiction, terrain awareness, charts, airport diagrams and just about everything a pilot could ever need.
jeppesen-mobile-tc Electronic VFR/IFR charts for users with NavSuite or JeppView subscription.
The E6B iPhone/iPad app includes all the features of the traditional E6B, including 23 aviation functions, 18 conversions and complete timer features.
Most complete mobile flight simulator available. Based on the most powerful and accurate flight simulator in the world as used by NASA.


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