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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Buyer’s Guide: The Active Pilot’s Flight Bag

Consider one of these exciting new products

garmin gpsFlight bags have certainly changed over the years, but what has changed most is what today’s pilots consider “must have.” My first flight bag was a military flying suit with pockets everywhere, each stuffed with some necessity.
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AVCOMM AC 950 ANR Headset: The platinum series AC 950 utilizes AVCOMM’s ANR technology in a new design. The unit has patented ANR circuits for noise reduction. The mic also uses a special muff for controlling cockpit noise during transmissions. The headset electronics are powered with a nine-volt battery pack that’s recharged via the power outlet on the instrument panel. An audio switch controls the stereo/mono sound, and each ear has an independent volume control. Two sets of ear seals come with the unit—one gel and the other a special premium foam. The unit fits into its custom burgundy bag and has a full five-year warranty. Suggested Retail Price: $534. Contact: AVCOMM/FLITELite, (877) 579-8853,

Beyerdynamic HS 600 DANR Headset: This German firm produces custom-crafted headsets that can be individually tailored to the customer’s specifications. The pilot creates his or her own set using a list of available technical features. You can choose the type of headband pad, ear pads or the configuration of the metal parts of the headset. Your personal information or company logos can be laser-engraved on the headband clip, making your headset creation absolutely unique. The HS 600 DANR is the latest top-of-the-line model to be released. The HS 600 has the latest generation of Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction attenuation. Suggested Retail Price: $899. Contact: beyerdynamic, (800) 293-4463,

Bose X Headset: You’ll experience superb comfort and clearer sound when you wear this new headset. The Bose X has full-spectrum noise reduction that assures the pilot of a clearer sound. Bose uses proprietary acoustic technologies that have long been favored by professional pilots. Its special circuits provide extra-long battery life. The headset feels great from takeoff to landing, hours later, because of the controlled clamping pressure exerted on your head and ears. The lightweight headband is made of magnesium. Suggested Retail Price: $995. Contact: Bose, (800) 999-2673,

David Clark X-11 Headset: The new X-11 follows a long line of popular, working headsets for pilot professionals. The X-11 features low-force, dual-hinge suspension that provides optimum articulation and personalized fit. The sets are lightweight and feature a headband fabricated from genuine carbon fiber for strength and durability. The ear pads are left-/right-contoured with gel-filled ear seals. The set features stereo audio with individual volume controls, which are mono/stereo switchable. The control unit uses two AA batteries. The X-11 has cell phone and music inputs. The mic has dual voice coils and is noise canceling. Suggested Retail Price: $799. Contact: David Clark, (508) 751-5800,

Lightspeed Zulu Headset: Zulu’s new ear-cup design has more total noise cancellation than ever before. There’s now a broader noise attenuation over the entire audible range. The unit is made with magnesium, stainless steel and four types of composite plastics. These provide a comfortable fit with 40% less side pressure. The headset is also tuned for audiophiles and musicians who demand the highest clarity and fidelity. The Bluetooth feature allows the Zulu to hitch up wirelessly to your cell phone, MP3 player or any compatible device. Audio engineers have combined the higher resonances of magnesium and the damping qualities of plastics to provide a quiet experience. Suggested Retail Price: $850. Contact: Lightspeed Aviation, (800) 332-2421,


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